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Do you have the guts?
Why run? Why not? I considered raising money for a charity but I don't like asking friends for money. So, inspired by Buckeye great, John Brockington, I decided to ask for stuff you don't need - your organs. Please sign up to donate your organs when you don't need them. Visit OrganDonor.gov and sign up today. You can save someone's life!

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Zeke (Don Zatyko don@zatyko.com)


The Log
Joan & John Kapitzke
Can I get a list of things that are NOT good to hear while running? Thanks, Robert
Here's one...Run Faster the Walkers are lapping you!
Zeke- You Rock !! Amanda
Looking forward to seeing pics--Marie Flatley (in Florida)
Dad - with you
Be careful. The yearly "Marble Collectors of America" (MCA) competitions are on that date and being held on part of the route.
Start slow and finish strong. Good luck! Helmby
Tell them you run a 5 minute pace and really piss off the Kenyans- WIZ
you are a crazy boy!!! Rita!!
Go Zeke GO!!! Cari
Go Zeke. Can I call you zeke don? Good lukck and AI shall try to be there to catch a glimpse of you! - Samir Sugathan
Your Dad is very proud of you! Go ZEKE!!! Nice legs, Zeke! Oh, sorry -Strong legs, Zeke! Rosie Sellers
Go Don! You know I'll be there with Joe. LY, JP
See you on the road. Biff
Hey Zeke - O - H ! Your Cuz in Phoenix
You're my hero!! I'm very proud of you - love puddin'
Atta Boy Zeke! Congrats on the PR!
Zeke! Zeke! Zeke! (Helmby)
Don, great stuff! You should be in the next Nike commercial :) - Dave V.
Yes... I like it when you call me Mom!!!
Great race Zeke! Good luck in London. Jorge
It's time to try the Ironman. John Anders
You're awesome! I want the list of what you DON'T want to hear, too. O-H.......Keri
Damn! That is impressive. Good luck in Berlin. Hope to see you in O-H Love ya, T.
Hey Zeke - Big Hello from an old Boilermaker - Say you're not hangin em up, we were going to Boston (or somewhere) together - Good luck in Berlin - Steve (Michelle's dad)
Hey Zeke 'legs' Zatyko! Those are pretty impressive stats! -- Randy
Wow! You are the amazing racer!! O-H! The Pates
Go Zeke! Thanks for waving at me at the PS Shoreline race. cracked me up. Good Luck! next time i see you, i'm hi fiving you!
above comment was from Ron =)
Have you ever tried to run up Mt Whitney? ThePolarBear
Go Zeke!! -FlagMan
It was great meeting you. J. Achey. LET'S GO BLUE!!!!
GO Donny! Go Donny! (sorry... I mean Zeke) Sandy Koenig (Piscitelli)
Nice collection of medals! Cape Cod is a nice, small, fall run. JK
high five
I saw you today at the Disney Marathon!


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